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The City of Calgary is committed to removing barriers that might prevent people with disabilities from fully participating in employment and all City programs and services. The Access Design Standards are The City’s standards for designing accessible buildings. These standards enhance accessibility by mandating design measures that exceed th​e Alberta Building Code r​equirements.

When are the standards required?

Does my location have to be accessible?

Codes dealing with accessibilty, or barrier-free design, exist to allow proper and safe access to buildings and facilities for all people regardless of physical, sensory or developmental disabilties. Reasonable access to facilities is requireaccess-design-standards.htmld to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to be active, independent and safe within the community.

The rules for barrier-free design are found in section 3.8 of the Alberta Building Code. To help explain this material the Alberta Safety Codes Council has produced a document titled barrier-free design guide to help explain the barrier-free requirements of the code.

Access Design Standard - is required to be applied ONLY on City of Calgary owned / operated facilities – please speak with the project manager for the City owned project you are working on for details

If you need clarification on specific barrier-free requirements or exceptions call 311.

What if the physical layout of the building makes it difficult to provide a barrier-free access and facilities?

Contact Alberta Municipal Affairs to see if they will consider a relaxation for your particular situation. Complete the Application for Relaxation of Required Facilities for the Disabled.​

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