Land acquisition

Much of the land the Green Line will be built on is City-owned, but some parcels are privately owned.

The City has been purchasing land for the Green Line in the southeast segment of the alignment between Shepard and Ramsay/Inglewood stations since 2014. Land requirements between Ramsay/Inglewood station and 16 Avenue N. station are still being evaluated. We will contact property owners in these areas when updates are available.

Impact on nearby property values

If your property is close to the Green Line but does not need to be purchased, you may still be impacted. In Calgary and other areas, properties close to rapid transit stations (within 800m) saw market value go up. The amount of increase depends on the property type and distance from the station. Stage 1 will create $2B in potential property value uplift by 2040.

Process for land acquisition

If you own property considered for acquisition, you will go through the following steps:

  1. Introduction letter - A letter is delivered to impacted property owners. It identifies: 
    • Property impact (this could affect any tenants on your property)
    • Contact details for a land agent 
  2. Initial meeting - A land agent will arrange for an initial meeting with you. This allows you to:
    • Ask questions
    • Identify issues and opportunities
    • Discuss next steps
  3. Market value - The land agent will arrange a site visit to help establish the market value of the property. The market value may not be the same as your Property Assessment. It will consider things like:
    • Renovations
    • Quality of improvements
    • Landscaping
    • Location
  4. Negotiation - The land agent will negotiate with you to reach an agreement. This allows for an open dialogue around the specific terms and conditions of the proposed purchase. It can include:
    • Market value
    • Possession date
    • Damages
    • Tenancies
    • Compensation for relocation expenses
  5. Corporate approval - The agreed upon transaction will go for Corporate approval. All negotiated transactions between property owners and The City are subject to corporate approval. 

Market value assessment

The market value of each property will come from many factors since each property is unique and distinct. This can include:

  • Current market activity
  • Property features
  • Comparable sales
  • Standard industry practices

Market valuations are either performed by qualified City staff, or by independent third-party appraisers.

This value can differ from your annual Property Assessment because of the way they’re determined. Annual Property Assessments involve:

  • Mass appraisal
  • Mass review of sales data
  • Typical value at a specific date