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What is an Operations Workplace Centre?

An Operations Workplace Centre (OWC) is a service centre and staging point for operational business units such as Water Services, Water Resource, Roads, Parks, Waste & Recycling, Fleet Services, Calgary Transit, Finance and Supply.

OWCs typically have a combination of activities and functions such as:

  • storage of materials (e.g. road salt and sand)
  • vehicle storage and maintenance
  • vehicle fueling stations
  • office space for training and administrative support

Types of Operations Workplace Centres

There are two types of OWCs: regional and satellite.


  • Larger centres are spread out across Calgary to place supplies and fueling stations close to where City services are delivered to the public.
  • Having vehicles, supplies, administrative support and fuel close to where work takes place saves The City of Calgary time and money in travel.
  • Many business units operate out of regional centres.
  • Also known as "major" sites.


  • Smaller centres are located close to specific services (such as parks).
  • Satellite OWCs usually have only one or two business units on site.
  • The smaller OWCs depend on the regional sites for storage space and administrative support.
  • Also known as "minor" sites.

Why do we have Operations Workplace Centres?

Operations Workplace Centres (OWC) are one of three types of workplaces defined in the Corporate Workplace Framework approved by Council.

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