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The Vision for a revitalized River District

A place to live ... a place to work ... a place to play ...

The vision for a revitalized Rivers district is more than a place to live, it is a lively urban destination.

  • Condominiums and apartments are designed to be located close to a downtown campus and local shops, offices, and restaurants
  • People from all over the city are expected to be drawn to a lively scene of cultural events, parks and picturesque public spaces to meet and reflect
  • A waterfront promenade and river walk system will become one of Calgary's primary destinations
  • The Rivers District will host millions of tourists every year, drawn by attractions like the Stampede, the Zoo, Fort Calgary and a new science centre.

Picture this

It's 2025 and the vision for the revitalization of The Rivers area has become a reality. The City of Calgary and its numerous partners have re-created a heart of the city where the rivers meet.

The Rivers embraces the past and revitalizes the present by offering a dynamic, urban lifestyle - a place where energy, education and vitality join, and where culture and heritage are celebrated.

The Rivers is an environment for a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, one that provides them a choice of employment, business, recreation, housing and attraction opportunities.

At the same time, the environment and open spaces are restored and enhanced. The Rivers is a place where the citizens of Calgary and visitors from around the world can relax and connect with nature; only moments away, world-class attractions, dining experiences, speciality shops and boutiques await.

For more information

Read the booklet The Revitalization of the Rivers District in Calgary.