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Repsol Sport Centre Roof Replacement

Construction on a new roof system for Repsol Sport Centre (formerly Talisman Centre) began in January 2010 and was completed in Spring 2011. After 26 years, the roof had outlived its life expectancy and needed a replacement to ensure its future integrity. The $41.5M Repsol Sport Centre roof system replacement project was approved by Council in May 2008 and ensured that one of North America's most visited multi-use recreational facilities could continue to serve Calgarians for another 30 years.

Before the project began, a detailed investigation was completed and several roofing product options were researched. From this investigation, some critical performance specifications were identified and included in the project. These are:

  • improving translucency and increase natural daylight in the facility
  • improving insulation, energy efficiency and temperature control in the facility
  • eliminating humidity and condensation issues which in severe cold weather can cause 'raining' inside Repsol Sport Centre and temporary partial closures of the facility
  • maintaining the facility's current external appearance

The Repsol Sport Centre's new fabric roof includes layers of Nanogel, a lightweight, nanoporous, translucent insulating material, inside two layers of an extremely durable, translucent, weather-resistant fabric. Working together, the insulation and the fabric helps improve energy efficiency and provide significant cost savings.

Please note that The City of Calgary owns Repsol Sport Centre, but does not operate it. For questions about Repsol Sport Centre's operations or options for customers, please contact the Repsol Sport Centre by telephone at 403-233-8393, via e-mail at or visit their customer service/information desk inside the facility. ​​