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Asset Management

The City of Calgary (The City) produces three asset management documents that outline the state and condition of The City’s existing infrastructure assets. These documents are as follows:

The City has adopted a process of continuous improvement based on the cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act, and all three reports fit within this model illustrated below.

plan, do, check, act 

The City bases its asset management business system on the PAS 55 business system that is specified by the British Standards Institute. Documentation on this system is found at

Asset Management Policy

The Asset Management Policy was developed and approved in 2011 by The City’s senior management, the Administrative Leadership Team (ALT). The policy aligns with corporate objectives set each year and are outlined the 2020 Sustainability​ Direction and infrastructure and asset management are an important component of the way The City does business.  

Asset Management Strategy & Governance

The ALT approved an asset management strategy and governance in 2012. This strategy and governance supports the Asset Management policy. It outlines governance and the various products and deliverables of the corporate asset management program.

Asset Management Plan

Producing a number of business products, The City uses a plan-do-check-act business cycle and we integrate this into the Corporate A​sset Management Plan (CAMP). The CAMP integrates all of the business unit asset management plans from groups like Information Technology, Transit, Roads, Parks, Recreation, Fire, Corporate Properties, Water, Waste & Recycling, and so on. These business units will continue developing asset management plans in the next 3 years under the direction of CAMP.

Check Section

The Check Section of the business system produces the Infrastructure Status Report (ISR).​​​