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EnviroSite glossary

The information provided in the EnviroSite report is very different than other CITYonline products. Here's a brief glossary of the common terms:

Environmental reports

The EnviroSite report provide a list of known Environmental Assessment reports and studies for the primary and adjacent properties. These reports are the property of the consultants who wrote them, and the property owners who commissioned them.

Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments

These are specific Environmental Site Assessment reports that document the potential and actual environmental contamination concerns for a site. These reports are generated by qualified environmental consultant professionals. More information on these reports is available from Environmental & Safety Management.

Remedial Action Plans and Risk Management Plans

Other types of Environmental Site Assessment reports which may be provided by EnviroSite that were created to address identified contamination on a site.

EnviroSite map

The EnviroSite map provides more than thirty property features. Most of the features don't need explanations. Here is a glossary for the environmental-related features.

100m buffer

The report and map provide environmental information within 100m of the searched property's boundaries.

Landfill setback

Landfill setbacks are restrictions for property development near landfills. For certain types of development, active landfills have a 450m setback distance and inactive landfills have a 300m setback distance. For more information on landfill setback, visit the Waste & Recycling Services: Development Permit Review & Requirements or call 3-1-1 or (403) 268-2489 from outside of Calgary.

Landfill boundary

The landfill boundary represents the property line for known active face of a landfill site, as well as inactive landfill sites.