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Rosedale Affordable Housing Development


1635 6A St NW, Calgary 

1635 6A St NW
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Project Background

In September 2016, City Council approved the funding and development of new single detached homes on eight City-owned properties adjacent to 16 Avenue N.W. in Rosedale. The development is expected to provide 16 affordable homes for Calgarians.




Each new home has a unique design to fit with the character of the neighbourhood. Landscaping at each site will increase sense of ownership, privacy and community.

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July 2019: Construction Start
Q1 2020: Substantial Completion

To reduce construction impact on the community and speed completion of the project, these units will use components built to detailed specifications offsite and delivered. 

The homes will be delivered overnight on several dates between October 21 and November 30. During these nights, there will be a higher-than-normal amount of sound and light as the homes are lowered into place. Construction personnel will be on-site throughout the night, and additional traffic can be expected along 16 avenue and residential streets. 

One benefit modular construction is that the new homes are built mostly off-site and delivered over a short period of time, rather than built on-site over a period of months. While there are short-term impacts to neighbours as the homes are delivered, the project avoids the longer-term impacts that arise from an on-site construction. If you have questions,contact 311.

Community Engagement

Since March 2015, The City of Calgary has worked with the Rosedale Community, encouraging residents to participate in the process. Past efforts include preliminary community engagement sessions, “What we heard” reports back to the community, block-by-block street consultations, and updates at community association meetings.

Two community design workshops were held in December 2017 for Calgarians to provide input into the design process and share ideas directly with the design-build team. For anyone who was unable to attend the workshops, an online tool was made available to gather input for the Rosedale housing design process.

A "What we Heard" report detailing the feedback received,  can be viewed now. This information was utilized to guide the design development.

More about affordable housing

We welcome you to learn more about affordable housing and our Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy, 2016-2025, developed to address the critical gap in housing supply for low and moderate-income Calgarians.

For more information, call 311.