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Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction Stewardship Group


The Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction​ (CAMHA) Stewardship Group has been established to advise on the development of the CAMHA Strategy. This group has come together to provide diverse viewpoints and expertise to the development of the CAMHA Strategy. This group will further engage community, medical experts, concerned citizens, key stakeholders and other orders of government, as required to develop the strategy.

The Stewardship Group’s responsibilities include:

  • Advising on the strategic framework, principles, priorities and partnerships of the CAMHA Strategy;
  • Advising on the overall engagement and consultation approach to strategy development;
  • Endorsement of the overall CAMHA Strategy;
  • Liaising with the collaboration circles to achieve alignment on strategic directions;
  • Provide an initial review of fast pilot proposals;
  • Liaising with the Strategy Development/Operations Collaboration Circle.
​Name ​Organization ​Position/Job title
​Karen Gosbee ​Community Advocate ​Stewardship Group Co-chair
​Dr. Chris Eagle ​Community Advocate ​Stewardship Group Co-chair
​Naheed Nenshi ​The City of Calgary ​Mayor of Calgary
​Diane Colley-Urquhart ​The City of Calgary ​City Councillor, Ward 13
​David Duckworth ​The City of Calgary ​City Manager
​Dr. Valerie Taylor Alberta Health Services and University of Calgary
​Department Head, Psychiatry
Dr. Laura McLeod Alberta Health Services ​Zone Medical Officer of Health
​Janet Chafe ​Alberta Health Services ​Executive Director, Addiction & Mental Health, Calgary Zone
​Cliff O'Brien ​Calgary Police Service ​Acting Deputy Chief
​Steve Hardy ​CMHA - Calgary Region ​Innovation Scaling Advisor
​Dr. Michelle Gagnon ​Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, Palix Foundation ​President and CEO
​Karen Young ​United Way of Calgary and Area ​President and CEO
​Joanne Pitman ​Calgary Board of Education ​Superintendent, School Improvement
​Andrea Holowka ​Calgary Catholic School District Superintendent, Instructional Services
​Debbie Bruckner ​University of Calgary ​Senior Director, Student Wellness, Access & Support
​Dr. Paul Arnold ​Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education, University of Calgary ​Director
​Dr. David Park ​Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary ​Director
​Dr. William Ghali ​O'Brien Institute for Public Health, University of Calgary ​Scientific Director
​Bryan de Lottinville ​Benevity ​CEO
​Curtis Stange​ ​ATB Fin​ancial​ ​President and CEO​
​Whitney Issik Government of Alberta ​MLA
​Jim Gibson​ ​Thin Air Labs ​Partner
Mark Fitzgerald Petronas Calgary ​President and CEO​