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Gender Equality Week

Annie Gale

September 23 to 29, 2018 is the first annual Gender Equality Week across Canada.

This year Calgary celebrates the 100th anniversary since Annie Gale began her term as Alderman. Please join us at the activities and displays taking place during the week.

Current City of Calgary work related to gender issues

The City of Calgary is committed to advancing gender equity and diversity in the pursuit of equal opportunities and outcomes for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

At The City – we strive to create a culture of inclusion where everybody is able to do their best because they are valued and respected for their differing opinions, thoughts and ideas. To achieve this, we continually work on making our processes and practices more inclusive, fair, equitable and accessible for all. We identify and eliminate barriers for underrepresented groups and create a safe space for meaningful conversations about diversity, equity, accessibility, human rights and respect to take place. When we feel safe at work, both mentally and physically, we can focus on our common purpose; making life better every day for Calgarians.

Gender Equity and Diversity Strategy

A dedicated, organization-wide strategy is under development to advance equity for diverse groups of women, men and gender-diverse people. This strategy, to be completed in 2019, will encompass City services, City Boards, Commissions, Committees and Council, and The City’s workforce.

Gender-Based Analysis+ training for City staff

We know that people see the world through different lens formed by their own identity and experiences. City staff will be trained to recognize their own lens, and incorporate others, when making decisions that impact citizens. This training will be tested on a handful of existing City projects in late 2018 with potential for a full roll out should the pilot be successful in 2019.

Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee, Principles and Policy

In May 2018, Calgary City Council approved a set of Guiding Principles for Social Wellbeing which states that The City will:

  • strive to provide equitable services, including removing barriers to access and inclusion;
  • advance the shared and active process of Truth and Reconciliation in collaboration with the community;
  • seek opportunities to support and grow culture; and
  • aim to stop problems before they begin using a prevention approach.

These principles are intended to act as a foundation to inform how The City makes decisions and delivers services in a manner that meets the needs of all Calgarians, including women and gender-diverse people. In addition, The City of Calgary will establish a Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee in 2018 to provide advice on how The City can advance these principles in City services. In 2019, The City will also develop a Social Wellbeing Policy to guide the advancement of the principles.