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Seniors and Aging Population

Calgary’s seniors, or older adults, are an increasingly diverse and numerous group of people. With a wide range of interests, skills, needs, and preferences – and at varying life stages, as their age-ranges can traverse several generations – seniors are a vital part of our communities. The City of Calgary is interested in supporting and engaging older adults in the best way possible.

While Calgary is a fairly young city, we are experiencing the overall aging of our population, as is much of the western world. This is due to increasing longevity and decreasing fertility rates. The aging of the baby boomer generation – those born between 1946 and 1965 – is also contributing to the aging population as a whole. Baby boomers are beginning to move into their senior year in 2011, as the first wave turns 65. Certain opportunities and challenges will accompany this demographic shift, moving aging-related issues to the top of the policy agenda locally, nationally and globally.

Seniors-specific publications and initiatives

Calgary’s Aging Population (updated September 2015)

Maps of Seniors in Calgary by Community (published 2015)

Signposts Survey Seniors Theme Report (published 2012)

Shifting horizons: Housing needs changing as Calgary’s population ages (published 2011)

Facts about Calgary Seniors (published 2009)

Survey around Seniors’ Decisions to Relocate (published 2008)

Cultural Cues; working with culturally diverse seniors (published 2005)

Aging within broader social contexts

Community Profiles
Demographic profiles of Calgary communities using the most recent statistics from both the federal and civic censuses.

Indices of Community Well-being 2006 (published 2010)
Detailed report examining Calgary’s communities according to the dimensions of economic, social, and physical well-being. The well-being of communities is ranked relative to one another and presented in map and table format.​​