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Welcoming community policy

The Welcoming Community Policy is The City's commitment to enhance immigrants' lives and identify ways to address their distinct needs.
While immigration is a federal and provincial mandate, The City plays an important role in attracting and retaining immigrants, newcomers and refugees to Calgary by:
  • Promoting a welcoming community where all immigrants can live safely and have the opportunity to participate meaningfully in all aspects of our community
  • Working with governments and agencies to provide social and physical infrastructure in Calgary to meet the diverse needs of immigrants
  • Advocating on behalf of the unique needs of immigrants and engage community partners and senior governments to address these needs
  • Working with community organizations to attract and retain immigrants to our community and workplaces
  • Creating supportive and inclusive workplaces that capitalizes on the expertise and experience of immigrants

Welcoming Community Corporate Plan

The City of Calgary will achieve five key results when implementing the Welcoming Community Policy:
  1. Immigrants have access to meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities and have the ability to achieve economic well-being
  2. Immigrants have access to broad community and cultural networks
  3. Immigrants have equitable access to and benefit from public programs, services, facilities and spaces
  4. Immigrants participate in civic priority setting and decision making
  5. Immigrants feel safe and accepted in Calgary

Welcoming Community Advisory Table

The Welcoming Community Advisory Table (WCAT) is made up of 25 diverse immigrant community members. They are passionate about building Calgary as an inclusive community and bring lived experience in understanding issues immigrants to Canada are facing. WCAT provides recommendations on the Welcoming Community Policy corporate plan to ensure that the plan is relevant to immigrants living in Calgary.