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How to safely display artwork and teaching aids in schools

Kids love to have their artwork displayed around schools. Teachers also use many kinds of displays in classrooms and hallways.

The Calgary Fire Department encourages the safe use and display of art materials. Check out the following recommendations to ensure your artwork or teaching display adheres to the Alberta Fire Code:

  • Art materials must not exceed 20 percent of the surface of any classroom or corridor wall.
  • Art materials are not to be located within two metres of a classroom egress (entrance or exit) door or within three metres of classroom doors on the corridor side.
  • No corridor display is to exceed five metres in length. A one-metre break must be provided between corridor displays.
  • Display tack boards are considered part of the permissible wall surface for artwork displays and are subject to the same restrictions.
  • Highly flammable materials should not be used in classroom corridors.

You can learn about additional safety information for schools by calling the Fire Prevention Bureau through 311 (from within Calgary) or 403-268-2489 (from outside Calgary).​​​​​​​​