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Work Fire Safety

Fire safety

Fire safety in the workplace is just as important as fire safety in the home. Make sure your environment at work meets safety conditions and you're prepared in case of an emergency there

  • Know the fire escape route at work. Each workplace building must have at least two means of escape, remote from each other, to be used in a fire emergency.
  • Fire doors must not be blocked or locked to prevent emergency use when employees are within the building.
  • Exit routes from the building must be clear and free of obstructions and properly marked with signs designating exits from the building.
  • A fire drill/walk through is also a good idea and should be done on a regular basis.

Fire Prevention can greatly reduce injury and minimize loss if employees and employers work together to promote fire safety.

Hazardous materials

Some commercial products used at work are considered hazardous materials due to their strength and concentration, therefore they need to be handled very carefully and cleaned up in a safe manor. For more information on disposal of commerical hazardous materials and what to do if a hazardous material spill occurs visit our page on hazardous materials at work.​​