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Tree-care and education


Tree care



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Tree-care and education

Thanks to generations of tree-loving citizens, Calgary is a city of green, with over 1.5 million trees in our urban forest. Did you know that over half our city’s trees are located on private land?

We want to help Calgarians to plant new trees, while caring for the ones we already have. Our eLearning modules offer basic tree-care information: learn at your own pace, when convenient, for absolutely no cost.


Learning modules


Right Tree, Right Location
Want to plant a tree? Here’s where to start: learn about tree types that work for you, choose the right location- and plant it safely in your yard. Start the module.

View thequick reference guide.


Your Tree, Year Round
You’ve picked the right tree, the right location and planted it. Now what? Our second module provides basic tree care tips and knowledge for year-round tree care in Calgary’s climate. Start the module.

View the quick reference guide.


Storm Damage, Tree Pests
Keep your investment growing and healthy: this module has basic care tips and knowledge for storm damage, and dealing with tree pests and diseases. Start the module.

View thequick reference guide.

Check back soon for more eLearning modules on other tree-care topics!