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Vendors in Parks


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The City has allowed vendors and commercial bookings in parks for many years. They can range from food services to fitness activities, to repair services for bicycles. In the past requests for vendor activities have been approved through a park permit, or on a site-specific basis.

The number of requests from vendors has increased, and it is clear that a formal process is needed to make sure that any vendor activity fits in with the park, and approvals are consistent across the city. To help this we have implemented a vendors in parks program.

Vendors will need to execute or demonstrate proof of the requirements appropriate to their business, before beginning operations. Visit Business 101 for information to assist new businesses getting started.


Parks Vendors

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Vendors who encourage use of the park, are unique to a park setting, or support existing park activities are permitted. General merchandise sales (ie. clothing, jewelry, art, etc.) are not permitted. Some examples of vendor activities that are permitted include the following:

  • Rental of game equipment to encourage activity and play
  • Bicycle rentals and repairs
  • Rafting services including equipment rental, repair and shuttle
  • Wildlife tours or guides
  • Skate, snowshoe or ski rental
  • Dog washing stations
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  • Food services operated from a push cart or bicycle are considered in this program. Typically these vendors offer ice cream, hot dogs or healthy treats and can encourage people to stay in a park.
  • Food trucks are also considered in designated parking stalls. This program is operated separately. Visit Booking Food Truck Stalls for more information.
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Vendors are encouraged to set up in many of our park spaces. However, due to capacity such as parking, some parks cannot accommodate any further vendors. Several of our parks are at capacity, and vendors may be directed to parks other than their first choice.

Note that in general, electricity and other services are not provided in park settings.

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Fees can range and will be negotiated depending on the specific location, season, service provided, and other unique circumstances. That said, typical rates for one summer season are as follows:

  • Centre City $3,500
  • Regional Parks outside of Centre City $2,500
  • Push Carts $750 - $1,500
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Applications are taken year round. Applicants are advised that applications will take approximately 8 weeks to review. The process is as follows:

  1. To be considered, vendors must submit this application form.
  2. Within 10 business days, a staff member will contact you to discuss your application. If the application appears to be suitable you will be asked to submit an application fee of $200 to reserve your park location and receive a vendor agreement. This fee is non-refundable but can be applied to the eventual vendor fee.
  3. One month before the expected first operating date, the vendor will provide:
    • Business license
    • WCB Coverage
    • Insurance certificate
    • Signed vendor agreement
    • Any applicable permits including building permit, Alberta Health Services, etc.
    • The negotiated seasonal vendor fee
    If these requirements are not submitted one month before the first expected operating date, the non-refundable application fee will be forfeited and the park location will no longer be reserved.
  4. Vendor begins operation on expected date.
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Vendors who have successfully operated with the vendor program for at least one year may be considered for multi-year agreements.

If you have any questions on current vendors in parks, please contact us online.

Vendors in Parks