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High Five

What is High Five?

HIGH FIVE® is a comprehensive quality standard for organizations providing recreation and sport programs for children aged 6 to 12 created by Parks and Recreation Ontario. As a registered member of the HIGH FIVE Quality Assurance Process, The City of Calgary is committed to providing children’s programs of the highest quality that are grounded in the principles of healthy child development and design guidelines.

Every child deserves a positive experience in our programs, the opportunity to develop competence, confidence, cooperation, creativity and commitment.

HIGH FIVE® Principles

A Caring Adult – Acts as a positive role model and allows the children to feel comfortable to challenge themselves.
Play – Encourages creativity, cooperation and fun!
Friends – Create a safe environment where children can learn to be part of a team and feel welcome to discuss their feelings, learn new skills and work out conflicts.
Participation – Involves children in the planning and implementation of activities, helping them feel involved, independent and competent.
Mastery – Develops self-esteem and positive identity in children.

How will my child benefit?

We encourage you to learn more about the HIGH FIVE difference and why it has become the standard of excellence for children's sport and recreation programming.

Quality can be defined as the extent to which a program meets the developmental needs of children.


  • Emphasize fun
  • Celebrate success
  • Share good news
  • Rewarding achievements

Children NEED...

  • Problem solving & communications skills
  • Sociability
  • A resilient personality & temperament
  • People who set limits
  • Access to caring adults
  • Positive relations with peers
  • A sense of belonging

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