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Junior Lifesaving Club

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If you are 8 - 17 years old and looking for a fun way to get fit and meet new friends try the Junior Lifesaving Club. As part of the Lifesaving Society, the Junior Lifesaving Club operates at many of our swimming pools providing high activity challenges in an energetic learning environment on dry land and in the pools.

Junior Lifesaving Club

The club encourages youth to develop skills based on personal bests in swimming, lifesaving, fitness, knowledge, leadership and teamwork. Community involvement and competition may also be part of the program.

Note: Candidates must meet the lifesaving society swim to survive standard: Roll into water - Tread water for 1 minute - Swim for 50 meters.

Action packed fun

Junior Lifesaving Club offers more action, more options, more fun:

  • A unique swimming alternative to swimming lessons
  • Keeps kids active and interested in the aquatic environment
  • A place for kids stuck between swimming levels
  • An energetic learning environment!

Meet new friends

Junior Lifesaving Club

The Junior Lifesaving Club is designed for:

  • Youth, ages 8 - 17 years
  • Swimmers with varying swimming abilities
  • Friends to join together in a fun, exciting and sometimes competitive atmosphere

Success is recognized

  • There are no "failures" in Junior Lifesaving Club
  • Participants enjoy high activity, high fun challenges in a learning environment
  • Only personal and team effort is recognized. Participants can opt to record their achievements in a Water Log. Parents can track individual progress in aquatic skills, lifesaving knowledge and other various activities that promote leadership, teamwork and fitness.

Personal challenges for personal bests

Building on the skills they already have, Junior Lifesaving Club participants work to develop and improve swimming and other aquatic skills with emphasis on:

  • Swimming skills
  • Lifesaving skills
  • Fitness
  • Lifesaving knowledge
  • Community education
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Competition
City of Calgary Poseidons

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