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Partners - Village Square Leisure Centre


Bringing multiple services under one roof benefits the community. We partner with a number of agencies to make this possible.

Community Hub

Our Community Cove​ is part of the Community Hub initiative.

Community Hubs are gathering spaces where communities can connect. They are places to relax, chat, meet up or work. It's a central location, for a range of health and social services.

The City of Calgary partnered with the United Way of Calgary and Area. Together they made the Village Square Hub a reality. Many thanks to Alberta Blue Cross and the United Way for their support.

​​​​​​​Learn more about the Community Hub initiative​​​​​​​

Partner Agencies

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Title: Alberta Health Services

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Alberta Health Services

The Village Square Health Centre offers a wide range of health services.

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Calgary Public Library

​The Village Square Public library has computers, meeting rooms, study rooms, and children's space.


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Aspen's Heart of the North East

Programs for persons, parents and families living in northeast Calgary. One-on-one support and parenting workshops. Also, group skill-building and development resources for children.

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Aspen's Hand in Hand Parent Link Centre​

A safe, supportive space for families with children aged 0 to 6. A place to explore child development programs and parent education. A valuable source for community resources. All programming is provided at no cost.