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Personal Training - Village Square Leisure Centre

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Village Square Leisure CentrePrivate/Personal Training

Our Certified Personal Trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals. Sessions include an interview and needs assessment and a personalized fitness program design. We offer individual or group training for strength and cardio.​

To book an appointment call 3-1-1 or visit our facility.

Personal strength and cardio training

The focus can be on sports performance, improved strength, cardiovascular fitness, core stability, flexibility, or rehabilitation.

​Package ​Private pilates reformer training ​1-on-1 two person​ three person​ four person​
​1 hour ​$124 ​$102 ​- ​- ​-
​1.5 hours ​- ​$135 ​- ​- ​-
​three sesons ​- ​$230 ​$275 ​- ​-
​five sessons ​- ​$352 ​$394 ​$441 ​$483
​10 sessions ​- ​​$662 ​$753 ​$808 ​$862
​20 sessons ​- ​$1250 ​- ​- ​-

All prices include GST.

Small Group (fees for small group training (2 - 4 people) are per group.​​​​

Personalized program design

Are you just getting started or want to enhance your workout? Get motivated with a certified trainer who will work within your fitness level to develop a personal training program to suit your needs and goals!

General fitness testing and nutritional/lifestyle information will be included. Available at all of our fitness locations. Call 311 for more information.

Cost: $135.00 for the first 1.5 hour session.​

Team sport training

Develop a results oriented training program for pre-season, competition or off-season. Workouts concentrate on reaction time, agility, coordination, skill, speed, balance, power and core stability using various tools. Book as an individual or as a team.

​Package ​Per group
1.5 hours ​$185
​5 sessions ​$533
​10 sessons ​$945

Team sports training is subject to a $4.75 risk management fee.​

External Personal Training

For safety and liability reasons, The City of Calgary does not permit outside personal training from a third party provider at any site. Personal training at our facilities is restricted to Personal Trainers employed by the City of Calgary. Individuals suspected of providing personal training with a patron will be asked to cease the activity. You may be questioned regarding unauthorized personal training if you are doing any of the following:

  • Explaining and providing exercise directions to a patron or group of patrons.
  • Assisting a patron with technique, or any specific instruction, but not exercising with that individual during all portions of the workout.
  • Directing exercise order or duration for a patron.
  • Assisting a patron with equipment and adjustments.
  • Writing and/or designing a fitness or workout program for a patron.​​​​​​​​​​
​​ ​​