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Public Art Collection

An important component of the Public Art Collection is a collection of artworks managed by the Public Art Program and held in trust by The City of Calgary for the citizens of our community.

Chogak Colour 25 by Diana Un-Jin Cho
Chogak Colour 25
by Diana Un-Jin Cho

Although artists of national and international renown are represented, the core was built by the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation with the vision of an art collection by significant visual artists in the Calgary region which would foster the growth of a supportive, culturally engaged community of citizens. The first donations to the collection were made around 1911, and the earliest commissioned work, The Boer War Memorial in Central Memorial Park, was erected by the City in 1914. For more information about our history, please see the History of the Civic Art Collection.

There are now approximately 1000 works of art, spanning dates from 1850 to the present. The collection includes drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, glass, ceramic, textiles, mixed media, site specific works and outdoor sculpture. More than half of the collection is currently exhibited at over 60 sites throughout the city, including in municipal buildings, public areas and Plus-15's.

You can enjoy some of the collection online. Check out the Gallery Without Walls and Life Near Gjoa Haven exhibits, as well as the downloadable Downtown Public Art Circuit (download on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad only). You can also learn about some of our special projects.

With a total appraised value of the collection currently exceeding $4 million, we are responsible for ensuring that proper care and preservation of the art is carefully balanced with providing citizens and visitors the opportunity to see the exhibited works and enjoy the collection.

A list of all recent acquisitions is available in our recent annual report.

For more information, please contact the Public Art Program.

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