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The Wandering Island


The Wandering Island



A rich, colourful, organic installation at Elbow Island Park



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The Wandering Island

A rich, colourful, organic installation at Elbow Island Park

The Wandering Island is a three-part public art project located in Elbow River Park.

In 2019, several 'permanent' functional artworks will be installed and built into existing park infrastructure:

  • The stairs leading down to the island will renovated to become a sculptural entry-point.
  • Broadened trails will guide you to artistic stepping stones, creating a rock ford over a secondary channel of water. This ford will lead you to the remarkably wild, inner-island bushland.
  • 3 benches designed by 3 artist teams give you spaces sit and reflect while watching the river. These will be on the pathway encircling the island.

This public art creates and enhances a space found between city and nature, land and river, public and private, camouflaged and forgotten.

From local birds, bats, beaver, fish to the curious wanderer, The Wandering Island's 'slow art' transforms Elbow Island Park into a rich, colourful, organic installation.

About the Artists

Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett
Calgary-based artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett work with diverse mediums and materials, ranging from artificial light to re-appropriated architectural debris. Their work has exhibited internationally in countries such as Russia, Turkey, Australia, and Japan. For more information visit:

Lane Shordee
Lane Shordee is a multidisciplinary artist living in Calgary, Alberta. He creates work that has strong ties to urban ecology and recycling, utilizing techniques that combine a variety of materials in various installations. For more information visit:


Building back from the flood

In summer 2019, areas of Elbow Island Park will have fish habitat restoration and flood mitigation work happening:

  • The side channel will be reconnected to the river,
  • Excess gravel and vegetation will be removed and,
  • Critical habitat lost during the 2013 flood will be rebuilt and constructed.

The Wandering Island is based upon the flood, the natural processes of our environment and the unique location of the art itself - Elbow River Park.

Public Investment and Value

The budget for The Wandering Island is $525,000, which includes all aspects to conceive, design, produce, and install the new features, as well as producing a documentary.

The value for your investment is an enhanced experience within one of Calgary's parks and the chance to reflect on the power of natural processes.

Come and slowly explore, reflect on and reconnect with the inner-city wildness of this special place in the heart of our city.


Artist rendering #1


Elbow Island Park rendering 2
Artist rendering #2