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Public Art - BRT Shelters


Public Art



BRT Shelter artwork provides unique and interesting art in a functional way.

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BRT Shelters

BRT Shelter artwork provides unique and interesting art in a functional way.

Halls - South                 

Calgary has an amazing collection of public art built by the creativity and generosity of individuals and organizations.

Thousands of Calgarians make trips on transit every day.

BRT Shelter artwork celebrates both:

  • MAX Line provides unique and interesting art in a functional way.
  • It makes your trip more enjoyable and our city more vibrant.

Shelton - North

Local travel, local artists

Southwest BRT MAX Line – Coming Soon

A new MAX line will serve Calgary’s south west communities, with 21 bus shelters featuring art works from the Public Art Collection.

For more information on the Southwest BRT, please click here.


The MAX Orange and MAX Teal lines include 60 shelters with work from the Public Art Collection. Every piece is from the City of Calgary’s Public Art Collection. Works featured range in age from 80 years old to art created in this decade, and are created by many artists who live here or have lived here.

Twelve shelters along the MAX Purple line from Easthills shopping centre along 17th Avenue S.E. into downtown, feature artists who live, work or have a connection to the Greater Forest Lawn area. Learn more about artwork in bus shelters along these MAX routes - MAX Orange, MAX Teal, MAX Purple.

Bates and Smylie - North

Fabrication Process

The images of the art are digitally printed onto tempered glass with ceramic pigmented inks. The glass is thick and resistant to vandalism, damage and fading by the sun.


Public Investment and Value

This project was given 1 per cent of the BRT budget for four MAX lines: approximately $1.6 million.

Artists (or their estates) for the three lines will be paid approximately $1,000 - $1500 for the use of each image.

Arnolds - South