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Public Art Policy Review


Policy Review





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Public Art Policy Review


Updated November 27, 2019

In a confidential Notice of Motion on Sept 30, 2019, Council directed Administration to hire a third-party consultant to review the Public Art program and examine options for moving it outside The City. Administration worked with the consultant to examine a number of delivery options for the Public Art program, including keeping it inside The City, starting a net new organization, and looking for external organizations to deliver the program.

The recommendation

The consultant’s findings were shared publicly at Council on Monday. The recommendation was to move the Public Art Program to an existing external organization. It was also recommended that The City of Calgary initiate a competitive process to select the best organization that could deliver the Public Art program.

Why this recommendation?

  • An external model allows for a more nimble approach to delivering public art to Calgarians, including a simplified procurement process, more flexibility to hire a diversity of artists, and access to more communications channels and tools.
  • Moving the program to an external organization provides opportunities to supplement the capital dollars with private funds from grants and donations, reducing the burden on tax payers.
  • An external model would enable The City to grant fundng to the organization, without using tax dollars to fund the operations of the program, minimizing the burden on tax payers.

What happens now?

Further investigation is required to identify the requirements and work through the details of an external model. These details will be worked through by the consultant, in consultation with Administration and the local arts community, and will be brought to Council in late Q1 2020 for consideration. Council will make their final decision on whether the program remains inside The City or moves forward with the competitive process for external bids in Q2 2020.

How does this impact the engagement with the arts community that has been done over last few years?

The insight and feedback we’ve gathered from the arts community is extremely valuable and will continue to be used to help shape the Public Art program.

The Future of Public Art in Calgary

  • Administration has created a pooled capital program, which will put all monies (1%) funding public art into one fund.
  • Community needs will now be the priority in Public Art decision making.
    • This means a more holistic and equitable approach to Public Art projects across Calgary that don't have to be tied to new infrastructure.
  • Every four years, we will work across the corporation to identify eligible capital funding and put one percent in a pool for public art and investment in community priorities.
  • Why this delivers on your tax investment:
    • Pooling into a Corporate Public Art budget means you'll have better accountability, transparency and flexibility in how public art is implemented across your city.
    • It will also allow us to be more strategic when deciding things like the location of art and will mean more investment in the local arts sector.
  • It's important to note that there will be no change or additional impact to capital project budgets. This is simply a better, more transparent way to manage the allocated Public Art funding.

Working with you

  • Our goal is to regain trust and credibility with you. Public Art will be involving citizen stakeholders in the development of our new work plan.
  • We're actively working with the arts community to understand and improve areas related to:
    • governance
    • procurement
    • communications
    • engagement

We will engage the arts community going forward through working-group sessions and informal meetings on these areas.

Prioritize investment in Calgary's creative economy

  • We've heard you and understand that investing in the local creative economy should be a priority outcome for your Public Art program.
  • We're going to focus on tying Public Art activities to expanding the local creative economy and arts sector including:
    • partnering with local institutions and organizations,
    • pursuing procurement strategies that remove barriers for local, regional and national artists, and
    • increasing the number of diverse applicants to future public art projects and programs.
  • We still recognize the importance of bringing international talent to Calgary, and must ensure that Calgary artists have opportunities to work internationally, as well. However, we'll remain accountable to national and international trade agreements and support our local artistic industry at home.

These focus areas support our new governance and oversight structure that help us meet our corporate priorities. We're looking for opportunities to involve you through the Public Art process and improve communication so you can understand and see the value of where your investment is going.

The work isn't over yet. Were committed to building a Public Art program that is reflective of Calgary's needs, accessible to all and makes your life better, every day.

Read our current Public Art Policy (under review).