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Civic Art special projects

Drahanchuk Mural

The stoneware mural located on the exterior wall of North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre (523 27 Ave. N.W.) is significant in both the career of artist Ed Drahanchuk and in the cultural life of Calgary. This mural is an excellent example of Drahanchuk’s early work – he believes it to be his first large mural, and it is thought to be one of the first installed in Calgary. His mastery of ceramic techniques is evident in that the mural survived, with no damage, on an exterior wall facing the busy TransCanada for approximately forty years.

In Fall 2006, the mural was successfully moved from its original location at 209 -16th Ave. N.E. to North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre. This complex undertaking was necessary because the mural was embedded into a building that was slated for demolition as part of the 16th Avenue North Urban Corridor Project.

This effort was a result of public inquiry, direction from the City Manager’s Office, and an understanding and acknowledgement, on behalf of The City, of the importance of preserving this significant piece of our cultural legacy. Preserving this piece exemplifies the ability and willingness of City staff to collaborate and communicate across the corporation to develop innovative, efficient and effective solutions to complex challenges.

Height - 11'
Width - 16'

17,700 lbs. (with steel frame)

Glaze and stains on stoneware clay, inset in cement wall with plywood backing attached to cinder blocks


A bird’s eye view and perspective views of the Alberta foothills into an optimistic vision of Alberta rich with wheat, cattle, and oil and bathed in sunshine and gentle rain.  

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