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Alcohol consumption - zero tolerance


The City of Calgary has zero tolerance for alcohol consumption at Recreation and Parks facilities. We ask you to follow these​ guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable family environment for all.

This Zero Tolerance guideline protects users, visitors and staff from risk and/or injury. For more information, refer to The Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act, Section 89 (1)​.

These guidelines apply to all arenas, athletic parks, pools, playfields and multi-purpose facilities. Exceptions are noted below. Otherwise the penalties for consuming alcohol at a City facility are:

  1. First offence – all related bookings at the facility where the offence took place will be cancelled without refund.
  2. Second offence – all related bookings at any City of Calgary facility will be cancelled without refund.

Penalty Option for Leagues

Leagues have the option of removing an offending team(s) from their league to avoid losing its permit for the remainder of the season – at the facility where the offence occurred on a first offence, and at all City facilities upon a second offence, with no refund.

Calgary Recreation will send the league an official communication regarding the offence(s) and a deadline to respond. The league’s response must include the team schedule for Facility Bookings to remove the offending team(s) from the permit.

Zero Tolerance Exceptions

Alcohol may be served at Calgary Recreation and Parks facilities with pre-approval from The City, as follows:

  • Festivals/Events booked through Recreation​ with approval/license from The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) agency and paid security.
  • Private adult events booked through an Athletic Park Special Event Application Form​, with proof of AGLC approval/license. Security is provided for the duration of the event at a cost of $25 per hour per security guard. Security volunteers are not permitted.
  • Concessions with an AGLC license to sell alcohol.
  • Third parties leasing City facilities with an AGLC license to sell alcohol for activities or events (i.e. the Tennis Academy, Volleydome Inc.).
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