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YYC Plays


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Working together to show the impact play has on our city

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YYC Plays

Working together to show the impact play has on our city

YYC Plays is a group of organizations working together to show the impact play has on our city. They want to set Calgary up as a leader in how people play. Their goal is to show the value and importance of play, as well as increase play participation. Learn about their success by viewing the 2018 Play Report.

The City of Calgary has been our organization's backbone since its creation in 2015. The City has hosted meetings where we identify and coordinate play priorities, partnerships, opportunities, and resources. We encourage YYC Plays members to share research and what they have learned. We also want to hear about their successes and work together to overcome challenges.

YYC Plays works at the policy, system, program, and services levels. They have identified seven high leverage activities to effect change. These include:

  • Advocacy & Promotion
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Play Spaces
  • Policy & Practice
  • Programs
  • Training

YYC Play members believe in play and have committed to encouraging it. They represent organizations that want to work together to make a difference. They work together to develop the mission and vision of the group.

How do I get involved?

If you or your organization wants to join YYC Plays, please contact