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School programs - artist residency

Bring arts programs to your school. The City of Calgary Recreation provides artist residency programs for students of all ages through the Wildflower Arts Centre. Residency programs let students learn art techniques and concepts from experts, helping them tap into their creativity and artistic ability while learning the fundamentals of the arts.

Learning to sculpt.
Learning to sculpt.

1 – 12

Wildflower Arts Centre

Varies by program

Please contact Wildflower Arts Centre directly for more information

About the programs

Artist residencies provide unique interactions with practicing artists at your school, and can be designed to animate curriculum or address specific themes using visual art to help your students master techniques and understand concepts. Residencies can also be structured around a project for your school. Every residency is different and customized to your students.

Learning to draw in an arts program for students.
Learning to draw in an artist residency program.

Artists work together with students and teachers to creatively explore concepts and master techniques. This dynamic interaction provides students with an alternative vehicle for learning.

Wildflower Arts Centre
3363 Spruce Dr. S.W. (west of downtown, off Bow Tr. S.W.)

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