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Ward 3 communities

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Cityscape is located south of Country Hills Boulevard and east of Metis Trail in the northeast.  This new community is located just south of Skyview Ranch.

Northern Hills communities

The Northern Hills Community Association (NHCA) was established in 1998 and is comprised of Coventry Hills, Panorama Hills, Harvest Hills, Country Hills and Country Hills Village. (Country Hills is no longer in Ward 3 due to the Ward Boundary changes in the 2010 election.) These communities are located on the northern edge of Calgary.

Community Profiles: Country Hills Village; Coventry Hills; Harvest Hills; Panorama Hills

Saddle Ridge


Saddle Ridge is located in northeast Calgary. It is north of Martindale and Taradale and east of the Calgary International Airport. For many years, the area consisted primarily of agricultural lands. Saddle Ridge is home to a wetland pond which is surrounded by interpretive pathways.

Skyview Ranch


Skyview Ranch is located north of Country Hills Blvd and east of Metis Trail. This is a growing family-oriented community.


Redstone is located just east of Metis Trail and directly north of the community of Skyview Ranch. 


Taradale is located on the extreme northeast area of Calgary. It is bounded by the communities of Saddle Ridge to the north, Falconridge to the south, and Martindale to the west. Taradale was annexed to the City in 1961, yet development did not occur until 1984.
Taradale Community Profile


Ward 3 Profile


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