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311 call centre improvements

Cut Red Tape
48 new service requests added online in 2012


More online service requests would allow citizens to submit issues through 311.

Status: Completed

Changes made

With The City's commitment to customer convenience in mind, 311 has increased the number of service requests available online from 40 to over 200 as well as making request options available on the 311 smartphone app. To improve efficiency, 311 has also simplified various service requests to reduce the number of questions the caller is asked when this information is not required.



By having access to an increased number of service requests online and on the app, customers can more easily get the support they are looking for instead of trying to find the appropriate business unit to contact directly. By reducing unnecessary information requests, the citizen and the call centre save time, frustration and only pertinent information is collected in the shortest amount of time.


Unit 2012 2013 2014 ​Q1 2015 ​Total
Service requests received through web intake or mobile app 52,569 74,732 87,904 ​24,650 ​239,855
​Cost of 311 per call ($) ​$4.48 ​$4.67 ​$4.76 ​$4.64
​Total value of employee savings ($) ​$235,509 ​$348,998 ​$418,423 ​$114,376 $1,117,306