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Unable to book permit application appointments online

Cut Red Tape


Not able to book an appointment online to apply for permits forcing all customers to come to City Hall and wait in line-ups for uncertain amounts of time.

Status: Completed

Changes made

We implemented eAppointment, which now allows customers to book a set appointment time instead of coming down to City Hall and waiting in line. This can be used to apply for or request information on nine different permits and licences, ranging from development and homeowner permits to massage practitioner business requirements.


Customers are able schedule their day more easily knowing when their appointment time is which reduces frustration and improves customer satisfaction.


​Unit ​2012 ​2013 2014​ ​Q1 2015 Total​
​eAppointments ​3,431 ​5,831 ​5,992 ​1,398 ​16,652
​Wait time reduction (hr) ​1,304 ​2,216 ​2,277 ​531 ​6,328
Total customer time savings ($/hr) ​$45,640 ​$77,560 ​$79,695 $18,585 ​$221,480