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Business Advisory Group - Terms of Reference

Cut Red Tape

(Approved December 12, 2011)

The Cut Red Tape initiative will reduce unnecessary red tape to ensure Calgary is a great place to live, work and do business. The initiative will be guided by an advisory group to provide support and strategic advice and input regarding the project scope, research process and recommendations for change. It is anticipated that Phase II of the project will commence December 8th, 2011 with an on-line survey (  In 2012 series of roundtable meetings will be held and a report will be produced in Q2 with recommendations to City Administration.


As part of the Cut Red Tape initiative an Advisory Group has been assembled to provide strategic advice, direction and support to guide the Cut Red Tape Phase II process. The Advisory Group is comprised of representatives from the business community.


Roles and responsibilities

Expectations of Advisory Group members include:

  • Provide input regarding the scope, objectives and deliverables of the initiative;
  • Provide input regarding the research and engagement process (e.g. survey content and design, assessment tools-matrix,  timelines, etc);
  • Provide support in gathering input from organization members and/or key constituencies through, for example, survey distribution, identification of focus group participants, round table discussions,  etc; and
  • Review, analyze and provide non-binding advice regarding research findings and recommendations for key directions/next steps.

Advisory Group members will continue to reserve the right to provide commentary regarding any aspects of the initiative as needed, except for components where confidentiality is required.