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Business Advisory Group

Cut Red Tape

Finding ways to enhance processes at The City of Calgary requires the input of those most affected by red tape. Therefore, a business advisory group was created to help better understand the challenges businesses face when dealing with The City. The advisory group's members were brought together to represent a diverse range of businesses in Calgary with members including:

The Business Advisory Group was formed to meet on a regular basis to discuss where process improvements could be made and to work on these solutions together. The business advisory group also reached out to other businesses to solicit ideas on how to cut red tape and as a result, more than 200 cut red tape ideas were generated. Every one of these ideas was reviewed, evaluated and grouped by the advisory group. Relying on their expertise, the advisory group was instrumental in determining which ideas should be implemented in order to provide the greatest impact for the business community.

"Participating as one of the external stakeholders on the Business Advisory Group has been an excellent opportunity. Based on the large and detailed amount of feedback received from the initial survey, we worked together as team to determine the validity of the input and how we might improve those processes for the business community. The group continued to work collaboratively throughout the year towards a positive outcome. The ability to engage in productive discussions with a variety of other stakeholder groups as well as City of Calgary administration has been of tremendous value and terrific learning experience." - Amie Blanchette, Calgary Home Builders Association

We are thankful for the support and input from the business advisory group and as the program comes to a close, we are committed to finding how to best continue to work working with them.

Business Advisory Group - Terms of Reference