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Commercial vehicle access to residential parking permits

Cut Red Tape


Residents who use a commercial vehicle as their primary mode of transportation are not eligible for a residential parking permit.

Status: Not feasible


The Residential Parking Program (RPP) is used to address parking issues and concerns adjacent to institutional, commercial, and other facilities that generate a lot of parking, such as shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions and LRT stations. Parking zones are an effective parking management tool in those areas.

Within an established parking zone, residents can apply to have parking restrictions implemented in individual blocks. The restrictions allow residents and guests to park on the street but prevent non-residents and those using nearby facilities from using the street for parking. Non-registered vehicles may also park off-street (garages, driveways, condo parking stalls, etc) without needing an RPP permit.

Exceptions within the program are limited in order to maintain the effectiveness of the program and meet the needs of a majority of the residents. However, The City is reviewing the residential parking policies in 2017-2018 to determine what changes and adjustments can be made to make the program more responsive to all residents’ needs. This idea is deemed not feasible as it will not be completed by the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015.