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Customize the event permit application to meet event features of level of complexity

Cut Red Tape


When planning a large-scale event there are often too many variables to create customized application forms. Each application received is processed based on the information provided by the Event Organizer within required timeframes.

Status: Completed

Changes made

The current Festival and Event Application Form was streamlined to both serve as a guide for an organizer to follow when planning an event (ensuring appropriate planning steps have been undertaken) and to collect all relevant information to determine what is required for The City to be able to support and permit.

Event Organizers are able and encouraged to submit with the current application form, any and all supporting documentation regarding their event based on the scope of their individual event.

The Organizer is assigned one City liaison to be the ‘one-window in’ who navigates and organizes the support required from the various City business units.  Working through the liaison removes inconsistencies and errors.


A Festival and Event Guide has been created and posted on to further support the needs of Event Organizers through the provision of relevant information, timelines and supporting checklists so that they may educate themselves on City requirements.

Through access to information, Event Organizers can be better prepared when applying for Festivals and Event. This minimizes the back-and-forth between the organizers and City staff to collect the requirements to process event permits and permissions.