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Making a difference

Cut Red Tape

Removing unnecessary red tape has had positive impacts for our citizens, businesses and employees. Here’s how we are making a difference.

Julio - developer persona

As President of development and homebuilding company, Julio’s objective is to have his development and building permits approved as quickly as possible to reduce costs and save time in the construction phase. See how Cut Red Tape made this possible for Julio.

Rob and Nancy - citizens personas

Rob and Nancy have two children and lead an active lifestyle shuttling kids to and from swimming lessons, developing their basement and getting involved in their new community. They do not interact with The City on a regular basis but when they do they want the process to be simple, convenient and fit within their lifestyle. See how Cut Red Tape made this possible for Rob & Nancy.

Renee - small business owner persona

Renee recently completed her electrician apprenticeship through SAIT and has decided to start her own business. She had a lot to do to set up her new company and start paying off her school loans and earning a living. Renee was worried that the process of working with The City would be complicated and take a long time. She was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was. See how Cut Red Tape made this possible for Renee.