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Program Transition

Cut Red Tape

The Cut Red Tape program and its related initiatives continue to demonstrate savings in time and money for our customers and The City of Calgary. We're proud of these accomplishments but know there is still work to be done to make our processes more cost-effective and easier. We are committed to transforming government to ensure doing business with The City of Calgary is citizen-focused and efficient. The official Cut Red Tape program will be coming to an end in June 2015. The program team is now focused on the transition plan which includes providing tools for City staff to ensure we continually strive to remove unnecessary red tape.

This transition plan will include:

  • Delivering all remaining feasible ideas submitted to the program.
  • Recommendations for an ongoing intake channel which will allow citizens and businesses to continually submit red tape issues and solutions.
  • Provide a Cut Red Tape framework based on research, best practices and lessons learned, including ways for the City to incorporate red tape reduction solutions into our everyday culture.