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Cut Red Tape


The City of Calgary is cutting red tape to make sure any interaction with us is better, easier and faster for our citizens, businesses and employees. This means transforming government and improving services to enable businesses and citizens to thrive in our great city.


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 ​Making a difference
Removing unnecessary red tape has had positive impacts for our citizens, businesses and employees. Watch the video to see how we are making a difference for all.

Time and cost savings

Cutting red tape and streamlining processes provides many benefits for citizens, business and government but when it comes right down to it, the main objective is to save valuable money and time. Learn more about our savings ​(as of March 2015). 
 Total Cut Red Tape savings of $1,121,697

The Cut Red Tape Story

After five years of running the Cut Red Tape program, The City of Calgary is proud to have saved millions of dollars and thousands of hours for the organization, businesses and citizens. This unique program was a first for The City and resulted in many improvements to make it simpler, easier and faster for businesses and citizens to interact with us. Learn more about our research, processes and ideas in running a cut red tape program in our Cut Red Tape story.
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Cut Red Tape contact

For more information or questions, please contact:

Cut Red Tape Task Force
t. 403-268-5622