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Establish a multi-location, city-wide Recreation pass

Cut Red Tape


The City’s Recreation facilities are set up on a tier-pass system which sets rates and fees based on the amenities offered at each location. A citizen who has a Recreation pass may not be able to access all facilities since they are set at different levels. Establishing a “credit” system could solve the tiered problem by charging for number of credits required for each type of facility rather than paying for each “visit”. This would give users the flexibility to access any facility at their convenience by paying the necessary credits to do so.

Status: Not feasible


The current technology does not allow for a credit system to be implemented. In the past, a multi-location pass was available, but very few people made use of it and this pass was discontinued. As an alternative, Recreation offers a variety of other passes including 10x and 30x punch cards and monthly passes. A competition review is currently being done to look at all facilities in the Calgary area, but since a multi-location pass has been tried in the past and did not work, this idea is deemed not feasible.