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Restrictions on residential parking zones

Cut Red Tape


Residents who live in high-volume traffic areas can find that street parking is limited and used extensively by non-residents. To be able to receive a zone permit, the resident’s address must meet specific zone requirements. For example, if one side of a street is zoned with parking permits, but the other side is not, only the residents who live in the properties fronting the zoned street are eligible to park there. The process to establish a new parking zone is very time consuming and may not be successful which does not help residents with their parking issues.

Status: Not feasible


A review of Residential Permit Zone procedures will be conducted as part of the comprehensive review of residential parking policies in 2017-2018 (pending Council approval of the Parking Policy 2015-2018 Work Plan).  The comprehensive review will include significant public engagement with citizens and communities to help determine the best balance for different on-street parking needs in residential communities. This project is deemed not feasible at this time as it will continue past the Cut Red Tape program end date of June 2015.