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Improve animal licensing website information

Cut Red Tape


Inaccurate information and forms on the animal licensing webpages has resulted in some pet owners receiving inaccurate fees and unable to make proper payments.  There is additional confusion as prorated fees are not clearly indicated when a pet owner sets up a license for the first time.

Status: Completed

Changes made

The website review has improved information as a whole in all areas of the Animal & Bylaw Services web content. A full web audit has been concluded with 50 bylaw pages redeveloped and updated, along with an additional 12 duplicate pages removed, and web page titles optimized.

Further, ABS web content has now been reorganized around four key themes (bylaw, prevention, animal services, compliance services), making information easier to access and more consistent. These changes have resulted in enhanced responsiveness to citizen information needs, with a 10 per cent reduction in the number of web pages pet owners need to navigate to reach the content they are looking for.

In 2015, planned web site enhancements will continue including the redesign of the online animal licensing system. This will eliminate the pro-rated licence schedule to become one year licences from the date of purchase.  This approach would address the fee differences and eliminate prorating difficulties.