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Limited references and resources on third floor

Cut Red Tape
Photocopier now available


There's a lot of detail involved in an application for a building and development permit and if a customer didn't have all the information required, they would have to go collect that information and then make another trip back to City Hall to complete the application. For example, in some cases, multiple copies of the application form are required and if the customer did not have the right number of copies, they either had to find a photocopier at a business nearby or return at a later date.

Status: Completed

Changes made

Now The City provides a photocopier onsite to allow customers to obtain the necessary number of copies for the application onsite. There is also a hard copy of the Land Use Bylaw and Alberta Building Code requirements onsite in the case that the customer needs to look up information pertaining to their permit application.


Improved customer service by providing resources at applicant's fingertips, reducing frustration of having to find other resources or return trips to City Hall.