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New tenant change of use permit process

Cut Red Tape


There is potential for customers to misunderstand permit requirements for the change of use application process.

Status: Completed

Changes made

The application review process was streamlined and application requirements simplified. City staff responsible for reviewing and issuing permits attended comprehensive training sessions to guide customers through the permit process and requirements.


Reduced timelines for customers and staff due to streamlining, as well as consistency in communication and interpretation by city staff to customers (resulting in reduced frustration and potential rework for customers). New information about the change of use permit requirements is accessible to customers online at


These changes have resulted in a time reduction of 15 minutes per application for customers and 10 minutes per application for City staff.

Unit 2012 ​2013 2014​ ​Q1 2015 ​Total
Commercial tenant issued/year 1,871 ​1,899 ​2,808 ​459 ​7,037
Customer time savings (hr) 468 ​475 ​702 ​115 ​1,760
City staff time savings (hr) 312 ​317 ​469 ​77 ​1,175
Total value of employee time savings ($) $9,360 ​$9,510 ​$14,070 $2,310 ​$35,250
​Total customer savings/year ($) ​$16,380 ​$16,625 ​$24,570 $4,025 ​$61,600