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Improve online booking system for outdoor fields and tracks

Cut Red Tape


Citizens looking to use The City’s many athletic fields and tracks can make a booking for the facilities online. However, the online system is difficult to navigate making it hard to find available times and schedule a timeslot to use.

Status: Completed

Changes made

Recreation has developed a short term availability web page for athletic parks which shows availability for those amenities for the following two weeks. This is updated hourly reducing the need for customers/citizens to run searches on the main eRecreation website. eRecreation searching is still available for people looking at later dates or who want to refine the search criteria.


Before the short term availability web page was created, customers would have to go to eRecreation and enter all the appropriate search criteria to filter results to only those assets which they were interested in (ie. arenas, athletic parks, etc). Based on the volume of facilities available for viewing through eRecreation, missing one criteria could result in too many or not enough results. Recreation took the guess work out of the search by developing the web page which provides availability information by date and location for a 2 week period. In 2014, the Arena and Athletic Park availability pages received over 11,000 visits.