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Online building permit application

Cut Red Tape


Paper submissions for Building Permits are time-consuming and wasteful as businesses and owners are required to deliver or courier the documents and all other forms associated with the application to The City physically. This causes lost time and resources to complete this paperwork as well as costs for printing and delivering the documents.

Status: Complete

Changes made

The City of Calgary’s Inspection & Permit Services (IPS) business unit continues to focus on bringing more of its products and services online, as part of its eServices initiative and 2015 to 2018 work plan. The goal is to enable customers to apply online for all permit types.

“Paper usage in our department has been cut in half with the introduction of online building permits.”        

 -  Calbridge Homes

Currently, one and two family home permit applications that don’t require a development permit can be applied and paid for online using Residential ePermit.  Applicants can apply online, obtain an electronic building permit and view the results of their inspection from the comfort of their office. The City’s Residential ePermit tool will take a few years to fully develop but will eventually enable individual homeowners to apply online for permits that include decks, garages and basement development.


Plumbing, gas, electrical and mechanical permits known as the trade permits have been online for many years. The one and two family building permits are the highest volume permit types The City receives, and are now online for customers. Remaining building permit application types will follow over the next few years. Many of the issues and concerns have been identified and addressed under the one and two family, which provided the framework that will allow remaining permit types easier to bring online.
Customers will now benefit by being able to apply for their building permits online at any time, reduce or eliminate any trips to City Hall, reduce printing and courier fees, and be able to view the results of their inspections online and in real time.
"E-permits has been great to use. It’s easy to navigate within projects and the instant partial permit creation is great. The ability to pull a project for revisions, even a completed permit is something we really like. The ability to update files quickly and have them reviewed in a timely manner is key to keeping the information flowing quickly from office to field and vice versa. The credit card payment structure is also working well for us.”                                                - Brett O, Cardel Homes


Unit ​2013 ​2014 ​Q1 2015 ​Total
Application volume ​341 ​3,440 ​713 ​4,494
City employee time saved (hr) ​426 ​4,300 891 5,617​
City time savings ($) $15,327 $154,714 $32,058​ $202,099​
City storage savings ​$10,155 ​$102,443 $21,233 $133,831
​Builders (involved in pilot) ​7 31​ 39​
​Customer time saved (hr) ​682 ​6,880 ​1,426 ​8,988
​Customer time savings ($) ​$23,870 ​$240,800 ​$49,910 ​$314,580
​Customer printing savings ($) ​$2,728 ​$27,520 ​$5,704 ​$35,952
Total City savings ($) ​$25,482 ​$257,157 ​$53,291 ​$335,930
​Total customer savings ($) ​$26,598 ​$268,320 ​$55,614 ​$350,532