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Online trades permits and qualified trade application

Cut Red Tape


Not able to apply or pay for permits online. No online registration option for tradesperson.

Status: Completed

Changes made

The City launched Trade Permits Online to enable contractors to apply, pay by credit card and have immediate release of trade permits. Launched City Qualified Trades which allows new trade applicants to have their qualifications verified and have their name added to the City’s approved tradesperson listing.


Applicants can apply, pay and receive trade permits from the comfort of their own home or office while eliminating a trip downtown. Contractors are also able to register to become a qualified tradesperson at the City online.


Based on savings of 30 min (0.5 hrs) wait time at counter and 5 mins (0.083 hrs) per permit saved, as well as 12-24 hours eliminated waiting for permit issue.

​Unit 2012 2013​ 2014​ ​Q1 2015 Total​
​Trades issued/yr ​44,272 ​50,761 ​58,265 ​12,597 ​165,895
City employees saved/online app (hr) ​3,675 ​4,213 ​4,836 ​1,046 ​13,770
​Customer time saved/online app (hr) ​22,136 ​25,381 ​29,133 ​6,299 ​82,949
​Total employee time savings ($/hr) ​$110,250 ​$126,390 ​$145,080 $​31,380 ​$413,100
​Total customer time savings ($/hr) $774,760 ​$888,335 ​$1,019,655 $220,465 ​$2,903,215