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Partial permits should be issued during application

Cut Red Tape


Partial permits are not issued at same time as application, shouldn't have to wait in two different lines.

Status: Completed

Changes made

Partial building permits for single family homes are now issued by the same staff member who took in the application. Also consolidated review processes and the number of review cues for the release of partial building permits.


As of September 2012, customers are now able to receive a partial permit during application and no longer have to wait in two lines.


Since 2012, employees now save 2 minutes (0.033 hrs) per application and customers avoiding second queue save 10 minutes (0.167 hrs) per application.

​Unit ​2012 ​2013 ​2014 ​Q1 2015 ​Total
​Permits issued/yr ​1,719 ​5,587 4,365​ ​209 ​11,880
​City employee time saved (hr)


​184 ​144 ​7 ​392
​Customer waiting time saved (hr)


​933 ​729 ​35 ​1,984
Total employee wage savings ($/hr) ​$1,702 ​$5,531 ​$4,320 ​$210 $​11,760
​Total customer time savings ($/hr) ​$10,048 ​$32,656 ​$25,515 ​$1,225 ​$69,440