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Update postal code database for TIPP applications

Cut Red Tape


Residents applying for the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) online are required to put in their address through 311 online services. The system automatically auto-populates the address fields, but on occasion, the postal code information is incorrect. Applicants are not able to override the information in the online system and are required to call 311 to initiate the process instead causing delays in the application process.

Status: Not feasible

Changes to be made

311 is currently working on a system upgrade that will include the most recent postal code database from Canada Post. This change is expected to resolve the postal code issue and will be implemented in 2016. As this idea will not be completed by the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015, this idea is deemed not feasible. In the interim, the 311 online form acknowledges the postal code issue with a specific question to address this until the longer term solution is implemented in 2016.