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Piece meal reviews and feedback on permit applications

Cut Red Tape


Unable to get all problems with permits outlined at once, often piece meal.

Changes made

The City implemented a new protocol during review and assessment where the One Detail Team Review (DTR) protocol was introduced to staff in early 2012.


Assuming all information has been submitted, the review team is able to make decisions after one detailed assessment.  Administration has tracked and can confirm that the implementation of this protocol and its intended benefits to customers is having a positive impact. As per the data below, the number of One DTR decision percentage has improved year over year since the introduction of the protocol.


​2011 ​2012
​Total Decisions Made ​1096 ​1071
​% Decisions with 1 DTR ​78% ​81%
​% Decisions with 2 DTRs ​18% ​17%
​% Decisions with 3 (or more) DTRs ​4% ​2%

*DTR stands for Detail Team Review