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Policies to promote the use and activity of public space

Cut Red Tape


The use of public space for activities are hindered by the lack of a simple framework for allowing citizens to improve public spaces with placemaking activities or projects such as a Little Free Library. Unnecessary complicated regulations such as indemnification insurance, permits and more make it difficult to get a project off the ground and discourages citizens from pursuing the ideas due to costs and paperwork.

Status: Completed

Changes made

Installing Little Free Libraries on community association land is encouraged by Community & Neighbourhood Services (CNS). Each association has a legal agreement with The City that complies with all associated policies including land use and insurance.  This allows citizens to work with their neighbourhood community association to create activities and projects like a Little Free Library without having to deal with further requirements.


Since 2012, CNS has encouraged the placement of “Little Libraries” in several communities. Some are on private lands, others on community space. They have used these as a means to bring neighbours together in the community and to build connections and relations. 29 Little Free Libraries have been installed, with another 17 planned for future installation.